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Dear Colleagues all over the world,

Ⅻ International Symposium on Flower Bulbs and Herbaceous Perennials will be held in Kunming, Yunnan province of China in 2016.

China, which possesses 9.6 million km2 of land, is the 3rd largest country on the world. Because of the vast territory, and the diversity of the landform and topography and the climate of China, there are very plentiful resources of plant germplasm. More than 30 thousand species of vascular plants, many of them are with ornamental value, have been found in China. E. H. Wilson gave the famous inference in 1909, “China, mother of the world garden”. For many very important genus of ornamental plants, China possesses more than 50% of quantity of the germplasm. For example, there are 220 species in the genus Camellia on the world, China possesses 195 species, similarly, China possesses 390 species of Primula among the 450 of the world, 35 species of Dendranthema among the 50 of the world, 100 species of Rosa among the 150 of the world, 47 species of Lilium among the 94 of the world, and so on.

Among the 32 provinces in China, Yunnan is the top one in the distribution of resources of ornamental plants, including ornamental genotypes. Therefrom, Yunnan enjoys the reputation of Kingdom of Green Plants, and this benefits mainly from its diversity of climatic category, from tropic, sub-tropic, temperate till frigid. Yunnan is the center of germplasm distribution of many ornamental genotypes in China, even on the world, such as Primula, Lilium, Nomocharis, Arisaema, Aconitum, Gentiana, etc.


Yunnan is also the main producing areas of cut flower in China. For 19 years, the cut flower industry of Yunnan ranks the first one of Chinese floriculture industry. It is also the main area of flower bulbs and herbaceous perennial flowers.

Kunming, located at the central part of Yunnan, is the capital of Yunnan province, which is the famous Spring City in China, not so hot in summer and not so cold in winter. Therefore, it is the best area for growing quality flowers. The biggest flower market and flower auction of China are located at Dounan, Kunming.

There are many very good international hotels with excellent facilities and services. Food in Yunnan is famous on its diversity. Guo-qiao-mi-xian is the first one you must try to taste.

There are so many beautiful sceneries in Yunnan, such as Lijiang-lover’s paradise, Shangri-la (Zhongdian)-the sea of wild flowers, Xishuangbanna-full of warmth, Tengchong-kingdom of hot spring, Stone Forest, the Garden of World Horticultural Expo, Yunnan Nationalities Village, and many other attractive places.

Welcome to China! Welcome to Yunnan! Welcome to Kunming!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Kunming!


Prof. Ding Mu  

Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, CAAS

Phone: 86-10-82105944



Prof. Jihua Wang

Director of Flower Research Institute, YAAS