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Plenary Lecturers

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Keynote Speeches of Sections

Section1.Production chains: propagation, cultivation, postharvest (Linkman: Bill W. Miller)

(Key note speech)Prof. Junping Gao   The progress on the research of cold treatment of lily bulb after harvest

Section2.Development: physiology, biochemistry and molecular regulation (Linkman: Silan Dai)

(Key note speech)Prof. Fadi Chen   development of chrysanthemum breeding inChina

Section3.Genetic and breeding: classical and molecular approaches (Linkman: Paul Arens)

(Key note speech)Dr. Paul Arens    The research progress of lily breeding

Section4.Environmental sustainability and plant protection (Linkman: Gary Chastagner)

(Key note speech)Prof. Gary Chastagner   technology and researches of plant protection in flower bulb industry

Section5.Biodiversity and genetic resources: utilization and preservation (Linkman: Rina Kamenetsky )

(Key note speech)Prof. Yiping Xia   researches of herbaceous perennials germplasm and their utilization inChina

FRIļ¼šInvestigation and research of the status of wild flower bulbs and herbaceous perennials in Yunnan

Section6.Others: such as new crops development, Historical Background, etc. (Linkman: Yiping Xia)

(Key note speech)Prof. Hiroshi Okubo   genetic background of the lily species originated fromAsiaand their utilization in world lily breeding

All mentioned above are just the topics of the key note speakers, as for the title exactly, the speakers will decide by themselves later.